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2009 Uplander
VBP Police Uplander LS van

2012 Dodge Ram 4x4 Police Pickup
2012 Dodge Ram 4x4 Police Pickup


About the Victoria Beach Police

The Victoria Beach Police office is situated at #69- PTH 59 and shares space in the Fire Hall. The VB Public Works is located on the same property, putting all 3 municipal departments together.

The Chief Constable is a full-time position with the other  5 being seasonal positions ( May to Sept ). The R.M. provides accomodation for summer staff which is also located on the same property. The VBPolice have a  2009 Chev Uplander van and a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 "Police Pursuit" 4x4 truck but in the summer months the major portion of patrolling is done on foot or on bicycles.

The Victoria Beach Police are responsible for municipal by-laws, Provincial Acts such as the Highway Traffic Act, Off Road Vehicle Act and the Liquor and Gaming Control Act as well as any breach of the Criminal Code of Canada. The Canadian Coast Guard are responsible for boats on Lake Winnipeg but the Victoria Beach Police are called upon to attend any mishap that involves a swimmer(s) on any of the beaches in the RM.

The 2016 Crew

Our 2016 Crew
Cst. Magnus Lee, P/Sgt. Gary Clarke, P/Sgt. Andy Boehn, Chief Cst. Stewart MacPherson, Sgt. Clyde Raven, Insp. Paul McQueen

The 2015 Crew

Our 2015 Crew
Cst. Alex Graham, Sgt. Clyde Raven, Chief Cst. Stewart MacPherson, Insp. Paul McQueen, P/Sgt. Gary Clarke, Cst. Magnus Lee

The 2013 Crew

Our 2013 Crew
S/Sgt. Paul McQueen, Sgt. Clyde Raven, Chief Cst. Stewart MacPherson, Cst. Dean Farguson, Cst. Kenneth Poole, Cst. Mathew Picard

2012 Crew

Our 2012 Crew
Cpl. Gord Kaye, Sgt. Clyde Raven, Cst. Mathew Picard, Chief Cst. Stewart MacPherson, S/Sgt. Paul McQueen, Cst. John Curwin

The 2011 crew

The Victoria Beach Police crew 2011
S/Sgt, Paul McQueen, Cst. Chris Menzies, Cst. John Curwin, Chief Cst. Stewart MacPherson, Cst. Dillon Tielman, Cst. Lee Stevens

The 2010 Crew

The Victoria Beach Police Crew for 2010
Cst. Jason Fisher, Cst. Michelle Holigroski, Chief Cst. Stewart MacPherson, S/Sgt. Denis Fontaine, Cst. John Curwin, Cst Lee Stevens.(starting on the left side)

The 2009 Crew

Sgt. Dennis Fontaine, Cst. Chris Menzies, Cst. Michelle Holigroski, Chief Constable Stewart MacPherson, Cst. Kelsey Mahoney, Cst. Lindsey Stevens

The 2008 Crew

Cst. Lindsey STEVENS, Chief Constable Stewart MacPHERSON, Cst. Matt ROBB, Cst. Scott MAIN, Cst. Alexander PETERSON, Cst. Mike FOSTER

The 2007 Crew

Cst. Lindsey STEVENS, Cst. Michael MACPHERSON, Chief Constable. Stewart MACPHERSON, Cst. Jonathan GOERTZEN, Cst. Logan BINDA, Cst. Richard FAUCHER


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