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Victoria Beach Manitoba Canada

Victoria Beach is a peaceful rural community situated on the southern shore of Lake Winnipeg, approximately 1 hours drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Victoria Beach is basically an island and is 5 kms north to south ( Albert Beach ) and 3 kms west to east.

Map of Victoria Beach
Map of Victoria Beach
Map of Victoria Beach and Elk Island
Map of Victoria Beach and Elk Island
Map of route to Victoria Beach from Winnipeg
Map of route to Victoria Beach from Winnipeg

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The restricted area

Victoria Beach Entrance
Entrance to Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is the only community in North America to restrict the use of private motor vehicles during the summer months. This means that cottage owners have to park their vehicles in a parking lot and either walk, bike or take a cab in to their property. This results in an extremely quiet and safe community which everyone who enjoys strives to maintain.

There are approximately 2600 cabins in the R.M. which means that the summer population of permanent residents and summer cottagers approaches 14,000 to 16,000. In the winter months that drops drastically to approximately 450 permanent residents.

Victoria Beach is a rapidly growing community with full-time retired folk ( who enjoy the " Senior Scene" complex ), full time working folks who commute daily to Winnipeg and surrounding areas and a rapidly growing summer cottage population, made popular by the many amenities mentioned above.


History of Victoria Beach Manitoba
A list of by-laws for Victoria Beach Manitoba
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